A Blissful Retreat

Savour the splendour and tranquillity of Sri Lanka’s picturesque hill country within the lavish comforts of a nature-friendly boutique hotel in Ella. Located amidst a fairytale atmosphere comprising lush greenery, gorgeous tea plantations, chilly misty climate, crystal clear waterfalls and hillside hideaways; Hotel Morning Dew is the ideal getaway for those seeking a magical experience outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

Surrounded with numerous attractions that are accessible within minutes from the hotel, visitors are bound to encounter some of the most memorable sites such as the Nine Arches Bridge, Demodara Loop, Ella Rock, Little Adam’s Peak, Spice Garden, Halpewatte Tea Factory and Ravana Falls to name a few. Begin your day with a touch of fresh air and an authentic cup of Ceylon Tea derived straight from the tea garden and continue to mingle with wildlife whilst getting to know the historical and cultural facets linked to this lovely and peaceful hamlet.

To top off your stay, Hotel Morning Dew provides a warm service and plush amenities such as an international cuisine restaurant, a rooftop restaurant with BBQ facility, deluxe rooms with comfy features, room and laundry service, excursions, transport service, luncheon near Wisari Waterfall, WiFi and a mocktail bar. Blessed with the finest view in Ella, this exquisite hotel is set to dazzle the contemporary traveller with pleasant surprises.