Enchanting Excursions

The main activity to be done in Ella is to tour around the numerous places of interest and explore their cultural and archaeological facets. Most parts of the journey could be with relished by hiking or cycling.

Ella Gap

The Ella Gap displays views across the Southern prairie of Sri Lanka. Via an opening in the mountains you can view all the way towards the ocean off the Hambantota coast line. Travellers are advised to pay a visit to this location for one of the exotic views the world over.

Little Adam's Peak

The hike to Little Adam’s Peak thru the designated path surrounded with lush plantations is fairly easy. This mountain got its name due to the similarity it shares with the features/shape of the bigger sacred mountain also known as Adam’s Peak. The view from the peak of the mountain offers a fantastic 360 degree view of the entire Ella region. This place is also recommended for a heavenly feeling and to view the sunrise in addition to the tea pluckers working below in the estates.

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge


Built during the British colonial period between the Ella and Demodara train stations, the gigantic Nine Arch Bridge is constructed with the use of bricks, cement and rocks without utilizing steel at all. This marvellous feat of engineering should be experienced with a train ride via the bridge.

Ravana Water Fall and Cave

One of the widest falls in Sri Lanka, The 82 ft high Ravana Waterfall gushes from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. This waterfall is named after the legendary king Ravana mentioned in the Indian epic known as Ramayana. According to folklore, it is believed that Princess Sita bathed in a nearby pool that accrued the water coming from this fall. The excavations carried-out in the adjoined Ravana cave proved that humans dwelled within the cave 25,000 years ago.

Ella Rock

The most demanding hike and the fabulous view of the area of Ella can be attained by reaching the peak of this rock. There are several routes to you can take to reach the top of the Ella Rock. The hike to this destination will take you via waterfalls, tea plantations, train tracks and a challenging terrain.